Apr 15, 2009

Blogging AGAIN lets see how long this lasts.

Ok I'm giving this blogging business another go. I have lots to say I decided and no one who will listen!! I have made a decision that I have to seek out like minded friends, people who craft basically. I really want to talk about making stuff and of course vintage fabric, and life, good stuff, annoying stuff and how it all works. What I really miss is conversations with people who think about stuff, I question and wonder about everything. So this is where I might do it. However, this photo today is from a recent visit to my old stomping ground Lithgow. Where bossygirl swam in the pool and I appreciated the beauty of that pool, I practically lived there in the the 70s but I didn't really see it. It's so gorgeous, crystal clear and HUGE! my local pool is sort of 'cloudy'! yikes, and have only two lanes for kids to swim in, shame on you LAMBTON POOL!! it's a disgrace. It's also disgraceful that I go there when I have beautiful beaches but sometimes you just want to get wet not sandy.

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