Jun 12, 2009

Grug Flash Mob We were there!

So I know you've all been Dying to know what happened at the Grug Flash Mob! Well we had a really fun time thanks to the super friendly people at Simon and Schuster. We arrived there for Ted to sign a few hundred books as giveaways and while there the lovely Neil presented BossyGirl with a few bags of assorted books and a cute stuffed toy Olivia. How did he know we just LOVE OLIVIA! BGirl helped Neil at the office and then we went off to our digs for the night in Mosman. The next day a lovely breakfast and then off to Hyde Park for further instructions. We were as Annabel from S&S said 'small but mighty' with about 60 takers for the flash mob in Pitt Street. I loved doing the flash thing and there will be more photos on mygrug.com.au I believe. We loved the Grug costume and it was hilarious to see him in a shopping trolley. I took quite a few photos but here are just some.


  1. Is that you in pic 1? You're gorgeous!!! :)

  2. No that's my friend 'the lovely Donna' we call her, and yes she is gorgeous!