Jun 12, 2009

I made these: Skirt & Top in a night.

I have to admit that it's been a while since I sewed anything to wear. When BossyGirl was little I had lots of very cute little skirts and pants and then I discovered Ebay and her wardrobe was neglected. I do however have lots of ideas, collect lots of vintage patterns to make in the 'future', keep a sketch book with lots of ideas with drawings of the 'perfect' tops I want, the 'perfect' pants and the 'perfect' skirts. The things I want to wear but just don't exist in the stores. BG is at school now and spends all her spare time in 'backyard' clothes getting beautifully dirty. But she was home sick yesterday and having her here all day feeling miserable and wanting lots of cuddles gave me a wake up call. It won't be long before she wants or demands bought clothes and not from the op shop either, (although I hope it's not going to happen). So I set to work last night and made a non matching set of skirt and top - no patterns used (Pillowcase style top and simple gathered skirt). Using new fabric 'cause I can't bare to cut into anything vintage. I'm pretty pleased with it and best of all so is BossyGirl, she LOVED the skirt and plans to wear it to a party this weekend! So here are some photos of the almost finished results. The ties on the top are to be adjusted when she gets home today and tries it on and I think I will finish the hem with pop poms or fringe. Please note also this was my very first using of Bias Binding! and it was SO EASY, I don't know why I've been scared of it all this time.

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