Apr 11, 2014

I just put some of my paper purses up on Ebay to sell. I am a tad nervous about that, these purses have a dedicated following in a way. You either 'get' them or you don't and I have a nice little group of customers who just love them. But there was one person who just did not 'get' them and told me so in no uncertain words so much so that I was actually afraid. Her venom was frightening, she just couldn't understand why anyone would make a purse out of paper and 'old paper' at that. I always cringe at the thought of that sort of person making a purchase again. 

Apr 10, 2014


I've watched a few unboxings on youtube - they are sort of hilarious and weirdly fascinating at the same time. I don't do a lot of shopping - too busy working. But I do order stuff online for sewing with.   I felt a little low on colour variety in my press studs recently so I ordered 6 packets of 20 sets.
 That cost me $56us including shipping which was a bit exy at $17.00us. 

These are the best and easiest studs to use. I get 100% accuracy with them, you need the little plastic tool (off the website) and a hammer. I use them for my purses and I love all the colours available. 

The website is www.snapsource.com. 

so here's the unboxing!

Apr 9, 2014

So here is a photo of all the stock I have ready for the market. I don't know what other people do. I have given it half of my wardrobe because it's so long away and I don't want it sitting folded up all that time. Once I get going and I'm (possibly) doing more markets it won't be necessary because I'll be lugging it into the car every week. I have to think all that through and maybe look for something in wheels. 

It does look pretty all together. 

Apr 7, 2014

Oh and I'm really sorry all the people who have left comments that I've never replied to. 

I'm back. Hopefully for longer. 

My sewing is getting better - the more I sew.  I have a goal of doing a market in October this year. So I'm working towards that and using Ebay as a holding place for things I make. I'm not expecting to sell on ebay and lucky too because they are not.

 It's been a long long time since I did markets - back when I was making hats. The hats were so successful for 3 years that I ended up opening a shop - which was not so successful. I was paying way too much rent and was really in the wrong part of town. It was before the funky indie scene and the interest in handmade was not in this ritzy part of town. I was going backwards and it was one of the most stressful times in my life. I had a lucky break though and met a man who helped me escape from the 3 year lease. I'll never forget his help. A  month later I took off and went to the USA for 6 months.

So in celebration of new beginnings here are some photos of photos of that trip. 

Vancouver I think


New Orleans

New Orleans

New Orleans


Heading to Phantom Ranch - Grand Canyon


First day in LA

Sedona I think

San Francisco

Heading to Seattle from San Fran.






Jun 2, 2013

I'm attempting to sew! 
It's slow going, especially since the website has taken off this month with more sales there than on Ebay! At last!!

Here are my sewing efforts in a sample lot of tops.
I have some elastic waisted skirts finished and am working on a straight skirt with split. Then I'll move onto a shift dress. I'm trying to have enough finished to start selling for summer 2013/14 and I'm not really sure how to go about that but what the heck, I like to throw myself in and see what happens. 

The key hole top has two style options, the tie or a button detail (not attached yet) and the sailor neckline top is for the 'young ones' as it's a midrif, or pretty much so. 

It's day at the beach or pic nic wear in my eyes so I hope you can imagine that and I'd love any comments good or bad. 

These two need buttons yet.