Apr 19, 2014

I'm absolutely obsessed with clothing. 

Hard to admit. Most of my clothing comes from op shops, people really do throw away the most amazing things - designer wear stuff in silks, wools, cottons. ( It has to be really good for me to buy a synthetic). I love all the rich colours but also love doing all black. As a result I have boxes and boxes of clothes in storage in the shed, in boxes in the wardrobe and hanging on the racks. I love every single piece I own and if I don't, I give it away or sell it. I also love accessories, scarves, gloves, hats etc. 

But now I'm wanting to only wear my own things, clothing I make. For two reasons - 1 because I'm making things I've always wanted to find in shops and 2 because it's great advertising. I wore a skirt over to the ice cream shop the other week and the young girl nearly ripped it off me! I was fabulous!

However, I have not ventured to sew in sleeves yet so it's summer here all year till I do. 
Lucky I also adore cardigans!

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