May 16, 2011

What inspires you?

I've been a bit of a grumpy bum around here lately. 
Wasn't sure why.
 Then I realised. 
I've not been making things. 

I realised yesterday when BossyGirl 
got out her sewing case and fabric stash. 
(yes it's true I used to get little squares as gifts when ordering quilting fabric from the US. 
She's got about 100 4" squares)

She started off making clothes for Barbie 
and I showed her how to use the sewing machine. 

She then went off and whipped this up for me. 
As a gift, because she loves me. 
Even though I've been grumpy. 
It's the cutest thing ever.

So inspired by her I pulled up my socks 
and got stuck into something I'd had on the 'back burner' for years.

I stretched some new canvases and tidied up the backs of others I had made already. 
When I get it all together they will be for sale, somewhere. 
I've not decided where yet. 

What inspires you to actually get moving!


  1. I also get grumpy when I am not crafting but sometimes I want to make a heap of things and then do none.But when I do I feel so much better,
    And the little horse is adorable.

  2. oh my!! that horse is just so so cute, he needs to be in a box frame on the wall.
    Love your fabric 'canvases' ... I'm grumpy most of the time at home...ha ha.. haven't you seen my TV program Grumpy Old Women? I am ALL of them!♥

  3. oh it's so good to know i am not alone!! I'm doing something special with that horse, the fridge is just not good enough. !

  4. Hi Miss E... I've been a grumpy bum too! I love the canvasses... especially the ogee green & orange. Love xx

  5. Thanks Monique! Feeling much better today! Being crafty helps so much.