May 18, 2011

Op Shop Treasures!

Goodies from the op shop this morning.
A threesome of Frankie mags (.50c each), in almost new condition.
And guess what, three I've not read!
I can't part with my copies so I feel very pleased someone else can. 

Oh and a whole shelf of books for Bossy ($1 each).
All new, we are thinking they might be from a closed down A&R store.
All great titles, full series and things she's interested in. 
Cool huh?
And lastly this crafty book. 
Which by total coincidence has a 
crochet wedding slipper project. 
Well guess what I found in the op shop 
a few weeks ago!!

Aren't they the cutest thing. 
I had them ready to put on Ebay.
Glad I found where the idea came from. 
No one does stuff like this any more.

I remember a neighbour of ours when I was about 8 
used to make crochet stuff, swans etc. 
and stiffen them with sugar.
or something. 

It was fascinating to me.


  1. I have only found one Frankie so far but have a great collection of the Notebook magazine happening.
    Miss Bossy scored well.
    I got that same craft book a few weeks back isnt that monkey just creepy? lol

  2. There are quite a few creepy things in this book i've discovered. What about that crochet apron, fuzzy scales cover not to mention the brides maids hat!