Jan 10, 2011

I've got one word...

I have one word for tinkerers like me. 
My tinkering began when I was little, I loved to pull things apart, watches were my specialty. Radios, and good working battery-operated toys, loved them.

Of course I had no idea how they went back together. 
I'm still a tinkerer and last week I gave BossyGirl an old transistor radio to pull open, kept her busy for a full hour.Great stuff!

But websites should not be tinkered with,  
Wish I'd really understood the gravity of that statement earlier. 
What I've done is lost, thank goodness, not all the writing, but all the sizes in my fabric listings. 

Every single inch has to be re measured, that means pulling literally hundreds of pieces of fabric off the shelves and unfolding, entering the missing info, waiting for pages to load and going on to the next. Re fold and re shelve.
It is an absolute nightmare if you let yourself think about it.

But hey!!
I was wanting to tidy up and so now I can, one piece at a time. 
So if you head over there for a look, please don't mind if it's not quite right. 
When it all returns it will be better than ever!


  1. Do you keep a backup of your website? Details should be on there. If not, perhaps you should. :) What a mammoth task!

  2. hmm, possibly but I've resigned myself to it now and am keen to tidy the whole site up, standardize the sizes and I'm also sorting by colour as i go so it's not all bad. yes a mammoth task.