Jan 7, 2011

Everything was going so well!

Until I had a little fiddle with my store categories and accidentally lost three!! Yes completely gone and taken the fabric with them. 
Oh my goodness! 

But wait!  I took a few deep breaths and in my new calm (post Peats Ridge) way... I saw it as an opportunity... to do a bit of housekeeping. 
So don't be surprised if you can't find anything in my store for a day or two!

Just remember to breath.

When it's all back to normal you might see these beauties that I added today. 
Some fab silks and rayons.

I also got some onto Ebay


  1. Hope it all works out ok. I just found you today via Original Mischief's blog, I'm putney from eBay!~Lyndel

  2. Thanks Lyndel, Thanks for stopping by. Actually the situation is worse than I first thought but hey! good opportunity to do some tidying up. cheers e