Dec 11, 2011

A love affair with fabric.

When I buy a fabric collection I love to imagine 
the person by looking at the fabrics they chose to buy. 
These fabrics all came from the same lady and she 
obviously loved colour, stripes and bold retro patterns. 
All the greens, browns and oranges so popular in the 1970s. 

What was she like?? Well....
I might find out ...... I also was given 
a tied up bundle of love letters to her, written in 1945. 
They must have been special to hang onto all this time. 

Do you think I should read them?


  1. Oh you must read them How exciting are they from someone in your family?

  2. No they are from someone I never knew. I'm tempted to just leave them as is.

  3. You are stronger than me then coz I woul dhave already devoured them lol

  4. well truth be told it's more about time! time to sit and enjoy them. I hope there is something juicy in there.