Jan 12, 2011

No mistakes only opportunities

It's actually been a blessing in disguise this situation. 
All my fabric on the shelves is being tidied up, all my listings on the website are also being tidied up. 
Sizes are more consistent, titles make more sense and the fabric will be sorted into colours and eras automatically as you scroll the page. 

So it's all good!
 And I'm actually enjoying it.
Check it out, tell me what you think?

I'm up to the pink, with blue, black and white to go. 
And strangely, I'm getting more hits than usual, more sales and more enquiries.
What's that about??


  1. Oh I love your attitude, so positive. Hope all's going well with the reorginisation.

  2. Thanks Lyndel!
    I'm a little bit over it now, going into my 8th hour today and I have a sore arm & flat behind!