May 20, 2011

* I'm excited.
* Japanese Pattern Drafting
* Give away - coming soon.

I woke up knowing that I need to make changes. 
If it's one thing you need in small business it's to be fluid, flexible and adaptable. 
And I'm all that.
I'm not interested in 'staying ahead of the game' for me what I do is very closely linked with who I am deep inside.
And I need to do what makes me feel worthwhile.
I'm changing, I'm excited. I hope you stay with me. 

Have a great day!! 
Get out into the sun for some Vitamin D.
It's so good for you.

Have a look at these gorgeous girls from this Japanese pattern drafting book.
I just want to colour them in!

And lastly
I'm getting together a little parcel for a 
blog give away so 
stay tuned.


  1. oh exciting times ahead?! wonderful. I know what you mean about colouring in that patternbook..cute!

  2. Yes, though no one else might notice, I think most of it is a mental change! feels good