May 27, 2011

Letting go!

I've been too busy to write much this week, 
Too many photos to be taken.
Too much fabric to sort.
A few big estate purchases mean a bit of washing and even some soaking.

 I did manage to put some auctions on Ebay. 
Good long lengths.

Auctions are the go at the moment for me.
I still get a buzz and a real thrill to see bids.

And I wanted to get back to simpler times,
Where I let go and see what happens. 

That's this lot: they are still available for bids
most end this Sunday. 
Starting price $12.00 - $12.99 !!

More later if I can keep up the pace.



  1. oh you have been busy, I got some wonderful Sheets this week, and clothing and other bits but too busy with home life to even unpack them...whaaaaaaa.