Mar 1, 2011

Fantastic Free Vintage Textiles Reference

I just discovered a fantastic reference for researching vintage textiles. 
Since I'm usually about 6 months behind new things I guess you already are aware, but just in case you don't....

I was searching for some history on Leedes Fabrics 300 Walnut Street Phila. 6, PA and ended up at Googles Internet Archive where Google have scanned old books.
 I was excited.

There are a lot of books on textiles and I have to say they all look like great reading. If you have a reader of some sort it would be great to take these around and browse while waiting for the bus. 

Check them out here: Google Internet Archive where I typed in the word 'Textiles'.
You can read these all for free! and hey there is not much in this world that's free. 
Oh yeah except shipping from my website!!


  1. Thank you! What an awesome resource.

  2. hey thanks V.F.A. I will check that out. I don't do a lot with fabrics right now, but that could change..

  3. Yay! I thought it was a good one to bookmark and look into in depth later.