Jun 9, 2009

This is what my day looks like.

This is what My day looks like. We slept in till about 7 am (it's usually 6.30am, but tired after a Monday at the indoor pool) and then it's coffee for me, turn computer on as I walk past to the kitchen. Today Giraffee and Little Bear broke bones and ended up in hospital where Giraffee got the luxury suite and little bear had to stay in the kids' ward. As usual Little bear rebelled. (I control little bear). Note also this is a 'stock photo' of them with 'smelly' bear now deceased. Then at 8.15 it's breakfast, get dressed, make school lunch and off we go. Now I'm halfway through my to do list for the day: after my 10 minute walk from School to home, (and realised that I did hurt my knee yesterday in the pool), get the washing on, not for today 'cause by the time it gets on the line the sun has gone, so for hanging tomorrow. Pack fabric and do related paper work, dye hair, yep poor me can no longer justify the $160 hair cut and colour, I have other things I want to spend my money on at the moment. While waiting for the hair, fold two baskets of clothes, mostly BossyGirls, possibly iron some but probably not. Shower then have lunch. Try and get the rings glued onto my resin pieces made and buffed last week. Get on-line and check out Wicked Tickets, book them for September or October, then find accomodation. Walk back to the car, 10 minutes, drive to the post office past house where I pick up the parcels. Home again, put more washing on, grab Bossy's gym gear and return to school pick her up. Drive to gymnastics, make sure I take some craft or reading to do for the next hour. Home, cook dinner and so it goes. Hopefully get some flannelette listed on Ebay tonight, have a few more that need to be listed in the cold months. Not a busy day, just a nice pace. What does your day look like?

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