Jun 7, 2009

Guessing Competition STILL ON

Well as I said on Twitter this has to be the longest guessing competition / giveaway in the history of blogging, what was I thinking? Anyway anyway it's still going strong. Here is your chance to win a lovely piece of vintage cotton fabric, gorgeous 50s embossed with big roses! A real beauty and a full yard too. So if you are feeling like being sweet and making my day have a guess!

What you need to do is guess the grand total of the cost of my Studio Room Addition, my budget is $20 000au (and so far so good but) I've still got a lot to pay for. Nice fabric huh?


  1. Hey there - thanks for visiting my blog and becoming a follower too! Ok I am gong in with a guess (I am hyper-competitive. Not one of my strong points). If your budget is $20 000 than i say it's blown it and is more around the $25,000 mark?

    Oh and hey I'm a Newie girl too (in a round-a-bout sorta way...)!

  2. Thanks Mel! Nice to meet you and great you're in with a chance I reckon. I am pretty frugal but it's sort of in the hands of others really and I know NOTHING about building materials. Will let you know at the end! or if necessary extended end.

  3. Love the new fabric you are getting! My guess is $25,631.14 or within $10,000 either way! :)