Apr 23, 2009

Results of op shop road trip.

Well it was a very wet few days up north, it rained every day except the day we left. There was lots of mud, wallabies and keeping bossygirl busy. However, I got to go driving and visit all the local op shops. There was not much about, not much fabric at all so it was a bit of a 'paper' haul this time, some great old pulp fiction soft covers, about 60 vintage dress patterns some great ones I have not seen before, sweet little boxes made from vintage Christmas cards, a set of French flower making tools, a lovely Whiting and Davis mesh bag and a beautiful Shabby Chic painted tin. I did find a small pile of lovely fabrics, will post photos later of that. Meanwhile here are some photos of the farm, the pot holes, wildlife, op shop haul. I feel a bit overwhelmed, more stuff to sell and no time to do it in...the usual lament. Now I have to find room to stash it all till there is time.

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