May 24, 2009

Every body is happy!

Today I took the easy way out and let BossyGirl play too long on the computer. The sun is out at last and I had four loads of washing that needed doing, including school clothes. After the washing was on the line our intention was to make scones then return to Questacon Travelling Science Circus and then to a park. Just as we were about to leave the boy from next door turned up to play. So a quick adjustment .... and we are both happy. I'm glad for her she needs to run about a bit and I'm spending time tidying up this blog.... then I'll be listing fabric on Ebay and possibly making more poodle key rings! Yesterday we had a lovely day out, went along to Questacon, then to the Northern Star Cafe for lunch - best lasagna and nice service too! Then over to Borders where I kept with the Science theme and bought BS a book of 501 science experiments. At Questacon we ran into BossyGirl's best friend who is just a gorgeous delightful bundle of fun. She's happy all the time and so loving! She runs up to BG at school and wraps her arms around her for a big hug! Lovely!

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