May 17, 2009

Flash mob in my garden.

The builder came around last night and now I'm all nervous and extremely excited. So today a spontaneous working bee occurred and we got quite a bit done. BossyGirl Me and her father - we'll call him 'Grug' for now for reasons that will be clear later. The Travellers palms were moved to a not-so-perfect spot, they may not survive, just not sure about them. The little standard camellia was moved, a few more ferns from up near the house moved into the between tree area and I finally got a few things in the ground. The Jonquil bulbs I bought at Wollombi, I finally unpotted the pink ground cover that was going so well in the pots, I moved the strawberries and a poor sad chocolate mint plant. I pulled some weeds and BossyGirl had a worm farm going. The time just flew! I do actually like being in the garden but the planets have to be in line and I have to have the right clothes on. I truly feel invincible when I have the right gear on including gloves! The day was lovely - still is and as a result of cutting that tree there were no mozzies - not a single one so it was all quite pleasant. And I can't wait till I'm in my new room that overlooks the garden when I see a weed pokng it's head up I can just jump right out and pull it out! Well that's the plan anyway. So here are the photos some before and some after of the mornings effort.

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