May 17, 2009

Pizza !

I am no fabulous cook but late last year I had a pizza epiphany and life has never been quite the same. Previously I was the sort of person who thought the more you put on a pizza then, naturally, the better it was - sort of 'Dominos' dreaming. Frequently though it was disappointing. At a school food-group meeting, one of the parents brought a simply sublime home made pizza, it had, maybe, three ingredients on it and was sensational. I knew then and there I could make a gourmet pizza. So tonight was pizza night and I have to say... I outdid myself today... my feta, spinach and basil with mozzarella was so darn good I think I have a real pizza-maker career potential. Oh, and if you are into pizza and you don't have one yet, you must invest in a pizza wheel and good wooden chopping board - your life will never be the same!

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