Aug 15, 2009

My other, other love.

A lot of the time I am only concentrating on Vintage Fabric and family life, but there are other things. One of them is vintage children's books with great illustrations. This week I found a quite a few almost by accident. Often I go out op shopping with not a cent in my wallet, those days I have to concentrate on stores that take eftpos, but they always have a $10 minimum. So Friday was one such day and I found a few things (2 gorgeous vintage handbags and a cute monkey-face purse for BGirl) total $7, I was almost about to tell the lady to 'just charge me $10' when I spotted their 6 books for $1 sign. So $3 later I have a pile for BossyGirl and a pile for me.

If you are looking for good books keep your eyes peeled for plastic covered books, these are often ex school library and are often of the age and type with brilliant illustrations. That probably is generalising but that's how I start a search. This book is 'Dimple - The adventures of a little Donkey' By Diane and Michael Jackson retold by Kathleen O'Farrell 1969. Illustrations are also by Michael Jackson. Printed in Czechoslovakia. I majored in Screenprinting in Art School and this book just makes the yearning inside me to print again so strong!! If you like the look of this book you can get copies on ebay and I found one here.

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