Aug 16, 2009

Vintage Vegas care of Uncle Jack!

I'm not sure how I came across Uncle Jack Very Vintage Vegas Blog - possibly via Retro Renovation while I was oogling her fantastic kitchen, bought from Nuns, but I'm glad I did. If you've been to Vegas you probably didn't think about the locals at all. I know I didn't, I didn't even check out any of the thrift stores (a regret I'll take to my grave!). Uncle Jack lives and works in Vegas, he's a Real Estate Agent and he loves Mid Century Homes and all their fabulous features like cement blocks and rock walls etc. Here's how he introduces his blog... 'Very Vintage Vegas is a multiply edged joke of sorts. It describes where and how I live. It plays on the CAPITAL V in my last name. It pokes fun at the fact that “OLD” in Las Vegas is 1950. It implies the “urban core” and “downtown” and “close to the strip”. VeryVintageVegas is bold and colorful on purpose. It’s inviting and accepting. It’s fun and energizing. And at the same time both the blog/website and Uncle Jack are deadly serious about our clients, our market, our neighborhoods, and our housing styles. I’ve had a great time over the last 17 years helping about 1000 home buyers and home sellers. Vintage Vegas has been completely misrepresented over the last many years. 99% of the Realtors in Las Vegas have NO CLUE what’s been happening in the middle of the valley. I’ve been promoting downtown, helping people clean things up, fighting grafitti, starting neighborhood associates, and so many more things for over 20 years. I take enormous pride in what’s been accomplished. And, I firmly and faithfully believe that what I call Very Vintage Vegas will be the best appreciating real estate in the entire valley during the next 10 years.'

So if you want to look inside and out of these fabulous houses, sometimes before they have been styled for photo shoots (check out his Worst-MLS photos), or his series on Concrete blocks (the best), or his decorating tips with lots of links then hop over to Uncle Jacks.
You can tell Jack loves his town and I'm impressed with that. Go Uncle Jack!!
All photos (taken) from his web site.

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