Apr 4, 2010

Blood Sweat & Tee Shirts - I now understand.

On Thursday I made my first pair of shorts. Almost to industry standard, I did pass but I 'have a way to go' was the teacher's comment. 

Making these shorts was Hell! It was so tricky in parts, there was a lot of unpicking to correct the folloing:  pockets facing the back instead of the front,  forgot the label,  two goes at one pocket, it was hard! 

Got me thinking.....this work is fiddly, it's time consuming, it's frustrating....imagine if you did it for a living....for a tiny living. Makes you think doesn't it? 
Well just as I was thinking that I noticed that there is a show on coming up this Wednesday night at 7.30pm on ABC called Blood, Sweat & Tee Shirts. A BBC production it's about just that, 6 young fashion students have a go at working in primitive garment factories. Should be fascinating even if you are not the least bit interested in fashion.

I don't know anyone who would want to do that day in day out with so little reward.

Please note the perfect seam junction.


  1. no I dont either but as a sewer myself I do enjoy the satisfaction of the finished item and the challenge it involves. For profit, nah?!

  2. Aaaah! I missed it again! I've been trying to see that doco for ages - it won't load on my computer for some reason. I'll have to wait for next time... again.

  3. You know what I ended up missing it too!! we were away and the TV in our room didn't get abc2! annoyed or what!