Jun 20, 2010

Ebay Auctions for Tonight! UPHOLSTERY FABRIC

I went off auctions on Ebay for a long time, can't say why, probably just laziness on my part, they do take much more work and planning. But with Ebay's new rules regarding item conditions I'm up for more work changing every listing anyway. So rather than revise each I've ended lots of items and I am giving them all a facelift. Sending lots to Auction and listing new auctions. 

  And guess what? I'm liking auctions all over again! It's exciting, just like the old days on Ebay. So to keep the momentum I'll be listing these VINTAGE UPHOLSTERY FABRICS tonight on Ebay. 

I don't know if I can keep up the auctions, I'm lucky in a bad way this weekend since I have BossyGirl sick and floppy so she just wants to watch telly, which means I'm free to work work work!