Jun 6, 2010

I'm sold on microfibres - Almost!

I'm a pretty lazy cleaner, I want the fastest easiest way to stay on top of the daily grime. I've had a cheap microfibre cleaning glove for a while now and thought they were a great idea, elbow grease and nothing else. But it was hard work, all that scrubbing. I thought 'oh well maybe the more expensive ones do a better job', so I headed on over to the Enjo website. There I found not only the products but the instructions on how to use these new products. 
It seems I was doing it all wrong!!  

Elbow grease is NOT required. It said on the site, to use the cloth wet and DO NOT use pressure. So I gave it a go with my cheapie!! WOW is about all I could say, it was totally amazing! the bath and basin glistened! they not only looked clean but they felt clean. I was sold!  thinking I'm chemical free! and saving the planet.

Or am I??? What does it cost the environment to produce these fabrics?? Quite a lot is my guess. A quick search on the internet and you will find out that -  Polyester leaves an environmental footprint with every process it travels through to become the finished article be it cleaning cloths, clothing, carpets, bottles or computers parts.

'The manufacture of polyester and other synthetic fabrics is an energy-intensive process requiring large amounts of crude oil and releasing emissions including volatile organic compounds, particulate matter, and acid gases such as hydrogen chloride, all of which can cause or aggravate respiratory disease. Volatile monomers, solvents, and other by-products of polyester production are emitted in the waste water from polyester manufacturing plants. The EPA, under the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act, considers many textile manufacturing facilities to be hazardous waste generators.' (Read this very interesting article hereWaste Couture: Environmental Impact of the Clothing Industry

Which leaves me with the conclusion, that polyester really is only good for one thing. 
Cleaning bathrooms, not wearing!

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