Dec 22, 2010

Do you reckon I'll leave computer alone on the 25th?

Christmas is a pretty quiet event around here, that makes me glad and sad at the same time. 
I was talking with BossyGirl about it the other day and she claims she's glad about it, 
she likes it the way it is. 

So really that's all that matters. 

I might get off the computer for Christmas day but there are no guarantees!! (that's a joke)(sort of). 

Here are some atmospheric photos of our tree, it's a pretty cool tree we think. 

And here are some fabrics I've added to the web site this week. Because I can. It's not much good to you if it's all on the shelf.

Aren't they fun!

And these:

There are more but you'll have go there and see for yourself. 
My web site is way easy to get around, only one click and you are looking at hundreds of really fabulous vintage fabrics, mostly cotton and all sorted by date, now what could be easier than that. 

Check it out. You can even look on Christmas day, in the afternoon while they are all napping.

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