Mar 25, 2011

Two Per Day - Vintage Fabric - Meditation

Today and yesterday I put up these fabrics for sale.
March has been the busiest month I've ever experienced.
I never wish time away but I'll be glad to see the end of March.
Lucky I've found a local meditation place and tonight Bossy and I went off for a 60 minute lesson and meditation. 
I was so proud for her, not only did she go the distance she is keen to go back.
That's my girl. So I'm sure we won't mind me dragging her off to a yoga class tomorrow at 8am!


  1. oh good for you and good for MissE. too. Hope you both enjoy it. That red and white fabric sent my eyes twirling!!.. have a lovely weekend.

  2. you have made me think about joining, a local yoga group, always thought I would not be able to do it now you tell me your little 9 yr old went the distance, there is hope for me

    cheers crafty carol

  3. Bossy just watches the yoga but did participate in the meditation. Yoga is great!