Apr 28, 2011

Staying Focused.

See this huge pile.

This is what I'm working my way through. 
Ever the hoarder I have a mountain of vintage and designer clothing to sell.
It takes forever. 350photos done today and then the listings during next week I guess. 
I'll probably mix it up with a bit of new fabric, some patterns etc. 
That way I can stay tuned into it. 
How do you stay focused?


  1. OMG You are amazing, I could NEVER EVER stay focused enough for long enough to list that pile!!!
    well done YOU♥

  2. I wonder how long I'll last with the listings?

  3. I am terrible with focus but great with procrastination and is why I havnt started taking pics of all my collections yet but least its all washed and hanging up and crowding my space I spose Do you find ebay ok? I used to sell on there but the fees got a bit crazy so am going to make a weebly site with shop and maybe put some things at etsy will see.Good luck with your lot tho.

  4. Wow! Lots of lovely stuff there. I vote for procrastination also ;)

  5. oh yes monique, plenty of that going on. Nelly, I do find Ebay ok, not as good as it once was in 'the good old days' but still worth the effort.