Apr 24, 2011

A strange Life: new fabric too

As a single parent when you get time off you make the most of it. 

I've been without BossyGirl for the last four days. 
That explains my frantic attempt to get stuck into jobs that have been sitting waiting for 10 years. 
Apart from one day here and there I've not had a break for 10 years. 
Not complaining. Not one bit. 

Some of my friends think I'm strange that I make so little 'me time'
but it doesn't worry me in the least. 
I also think I'm a bit strange.

I love my home, I love pottering about, sewing, sorting and re arranging. I love Bossy's company.
I actually feel like I have an almost perfect life (a bit more cash would not go astray)

And so here for your enjoyment on Easter Morning is some more fabric I just put onto the website
I hope you are 'getting a break' what ever that means for you.
Happy Easter!!

Oh and here's some I did earlier - on Ebay


  1. oh I hope you are not missing Little Miss too much. I have my 11yr old gr-daughter to stay EVERY school term holidays, she flies from Sydney to Melb. on her own, and has done since she was 5 ! she loves the change, being spoilt,(ha ha thats what grannies do best), and her parents enjoy a break too. End of the holiday she's ready to go home (that was yesterday), and parents are ready to have her back!

  2. I absolutely loved my time alone and I absolutely loved seeing her again just then. I'm very pleased to hear about your grand daughter and that she loves to op shop too. It's a great thing to have kids about I know that for sure. x e

  3. I had 2 days without my grandkids now have 2 home again so the quiet isnt so quiet and the other 2 are back tomorrow bit it sure was nice crafting without 100 interruptions.
    Can you let me know when/if you get some gypsy coloured velvets in especially the bright crushed velvet perferrably the older type not the new stretchy stuff thanks xx