May 11, 2011

Bathed In Pink: Bossy's new Wardrobe wall.

Here is my BossyGirl's new wardrobe, 
installed last week.
It's pink. 
And we love it.
She is now bathed in pink.

It's not as big as it looks, 
still could do with another one.
But that's hoarding for you. 

Here's a shot of that wall before.

And all the mess it has hidden got rid of.
Don't worry I do feel affection and nostagic for how it was, can't say I didn't like all the shabbolic mess.
But these photos were taken on a tidy day, it did at times drive me mad.

1 comment:

  1. Yes it's sure it bold. Had to talk her out of black....saying she could have any other colour...oh well, it's only us we have to please. I do smile when I think about the next owner of this house, there will be a few of those raised eyebrows!