May 7, 2011

Unearthed recently.

A few of my favourite cuddly toys.
Made by my grandmother.

Very well worn and moth eaten now.
My intention is to repair them.

She was the crafty one in our family.
And I believe where I got my crafty gene.

And this little one.
Made from a kit I'm guessing.
She had a dress that's missing.


  1. They are adorable, and worth all the effort of repairing them. Good Luck!

  2. Yes they are.I'd forgotten just how cute they were. cheers!

  3. oh E. get to and get them fixed up and make that poor girl a DRESS, she's showing her boobies!!!♥
    have a lovely mothers day too.

  4. Hi Lyndel, I think she burnt her bra!