Dec 24, 2011

Here's your Christmas Gift...

In my family the words 'Too Rich'  are not in our vocabulary.
I think only once in my life have I ever uttered them 
and that was last year - flour-less chocolate cake from here.
Thinking about it now I regret Bossy and I couldn't finish it! Gasp!
(Here's a photo of Bossy after).

My mum has made this same chocolate mousse for Christmas every year for the last
50. Hard to believe isn't it. 50 years of chocolate mousse. 
Bossy and I did it this year, this morning. 

It's the most amazing mousse, we think. It came from a friend who's kids were 
also babies at the time, but further back than that we don't know. 
Maybe it's a common old garden variety Mousse! 
Who knows? Who Cares!

It's rich. It's dense. It's not light and fluffy, in fact if there is too much air in we all give it 
a thumbs down ...and carry on eating. 

Eat it with loads of whipped cream and then lie on the floor. 

Mum's chocolate mousse recipe for you....

For each person: 60grams of good dark chocolate: 1 x egg: 1 teaspoon brandy or sherry or some vanilla instead.
Method: Beat the egg yolks with the brandy, whip the whites with a pinch of salt. 
add the yolks and brandy to the melted chocolate, then fold through the whipped egg whites. Refrigerate. 

Merry Christmas!

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  1. Hope you and your family had an awesome Christmas and I wish you all the best for 2012.