Dec 16, 2011

Wagging School

Instead of school Bossy and I had a nice relaxing day in Sydney on Wednesday. 
Relaxing because we didn't try and do too much. 
Just three things, See Picasso, See the Tree at the QVB
and have lunch with our friend 'The lovely Donna'. 

8am train there, 5pm train home. Easy. 

And because we weren't racing we had time for more;
A chocolate fix at Lindt, an expensive bag fix at LV
and a flash mob at Central...

It was a great day and of course as we always do, we vowed to
do it more often! 
I was amazed how friendly they were in here, no snobbery at all.
The windows are really great to see.

Absolutely worth seeing. No waiting, no crowds.

I'm thinking 'oh no what have we done'

Truthfully the tree was a disappointment.

We are searching Youtube to see if this features Bossy in the front row.

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