Feb 20, 2012

Sometimes you win Sometimes you lose. Washing Vintage Fabric

I rarely wash vintage fabric before selling it. 
But there are times I do,
When the marks are minor but extensive,
When marks are too hard to explain, or causing damage that needs to be fixed 
before I store it further. 
I recently bought quite a few vintage dress panels, embroidered and beaded. 
They were made in Hong Kong when it was 'the place' to visit. 

Sadly lots of this type of fabric - usually satins - don't get stored correctly and 
I find a lot with damaging marks from being in plastic bags for 30 years. 

I recently washed some, one survived in a usable condition the other not so great. 

I think I'm pretty bold when it comes to washing,
I know the risk and sometimes I'm prepared to take it. 


Heartbreaking! and worth a go at fixing.
I usually start with wool mix or shampoo
then progress through to tougher stuff if necessary. 

Washing vintage fabric can be scary,
and sometimes it backfires.

1 comment:

  1. I know, I've done the same and have the fabric practically disintegrate. Sun damage with old curtains is another one, just got to cut the good bits out and use those.