Apr 18, 2009

Rainy day, creativity exhausted.

Well today it rained. As we were walking out the door I found a neighbour having a garage sale. Over we trotted and low and behold amongst the stuff no one would want were these two fab panels of notice/peg board. Way expensive stuff in the store but only $2 a sheet today. Dragged it home to my lair where it will become something interesting in my new studio, meanwhile I've put a few inspiration cuttings up there. Later I had to check on my parents house while they are away for three months and so while in the area I took Bossygirl to a place I never thought I'd take her...Timezone! We signed up for a 30 minute session and you know what, it was not that bad. We had fun till I put the kibosh on those games that no one ever wins with the little cranes, way expensive compared to the other fun ones. Then the bossyness came out and I decreed it time to leave, we made a hasty retreat to my comfort zone. End result yes I would go again, no I would not stay too long. Computer games do something to kids that I am not sure I like, there is always hell to pay after.

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