Apr 18, 2009

People collect some weird things.

You know it never ceases to surprise me what people collect, weird stuff. My bossygirl is crazy for feathers and bottle tops, you can be out with her and suddenly she drops to the ground, reappearing moments later in a victory jump, dirty bottle top in hand. Home they go to the 'collection'. My collection that is probably the most weird for me and yet strangely my favourite is my collection of clothing labels/swingtags. Yeah I know...that is strange. I just find them so lovely and so disposable. One day I will do something with them but for now they are housed in two lovely old card boxes, slowly taking over a third I found at Wollombi market the other weekend.


  1. I think thats a lovely idea. Imagine in years to come looking back on them all? They will all be collectors items!


  2. Thanks Kara, yes I think so. It's also a good excuse to buy more gorgeous clothes - just to get the tag of course!