Apr 19, 2009

A stay at home day.

Well today we did nothing. It poured rain in the night and today on and off. So it was a stay at home and spend nothing day. Bossy girl amused herself on and off and I did a bit of winter cleaning on and off. As usual ended up a in a mess. So much stuff!! Made a huge collection to try and sell, a huge bag to go to charity and re arranged the lucky pieces that are staying. But in the end I got there, cleaner and leaner!! I feel all minimal!!!No pictures of today's effort right now but I will try and get some in tomorrow since it's late and I am ready to drop. One thing I did discover or actually re-discover is 'you can't beat steel wool for cleaning' just like mum said its the best for cutlery, stainless steel sinks and pans.

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