May 21, 2009

Budget update balance $17 763.30

Just a quick update on the budget so far, raining here today so no photos yet but the bricklayer got the foundation cement into the holes he also moved the bricks to the back yard. He doubted anyone would want to nick them, huh!! & he laughed at my retro bricks, well I never!! Two cheques to catch up on today, the air conditioner was moved yesterday and that cost $137 and the concrete arrived this morning $234.00 leaving a balance of $17 763.30. This has to pay for the building materials, the builder, the door and windows, sky light, flooring, paint, shelves, lighting and electrician and anything else I've forgotten. I have to say the whole thing is rather stress free the worst thing so far has been the decisions on what weather board to use and what windows etc. There is still plenty of time to get a guess in and win.

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  1. Elizabeth, are you building a house?
    If so, where?
    Love and oms