May 3, 2009

The first progress shot of new room!

Even though the plans are on 'hold' at the council ( council fees $1231.70), since I changed my mind about the doors (again), the builder came today for a look at the site and I was jolted into action. I am determined to do progress photos of my new room and now is the time since the tree will be chopped on Tuesday. These photos show the area, I will have help to move my palms, shame too they are just getting back to where they were before 'the flood'. Hopefully it will not be too hard to move them to the left and make a nice backdrop to my seated area. I have very little money, a budget of $20 000. So it's not going to be too flash but I just hope it's room enough for me to do my thing without intruding on every other room in the house.

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