May 2, 2009

My weekend, working and loving it!

Ok so I panicked and it's not RSI, it was in fact just a sore muscle from all the resin buffing I had been doing! who would have thought. But then again I did sit and watch bossygirl doing her gymnastics for an hour and buffed, I'm sure the other mothers think I'm a bit weird. There was one who peered over my shoulder when I took along a pile of vintage sewing magazines to read but mostly we just sit in our own space. Anyway today I got down to business after reading blog after blog, though it was hard to stay focused, luckily I had both listing and photographing to do so I was entertained. My vintage buttons are going on and on they never seem to end, still quite a few tubes to list. And then I did some rings I had just finshed hence the buffing-arm situation. Can't wait to get onto fabric, that's where the fun is! Here are some photos of my fabric room for your interest. It's all for sale - just a matter of time!

1 comment:

  1. Heyyyy... your fabric stash looks a lot like my wifes!

    Great stuff!