Jun 19, 2009

AH! THE RAIN.........Studio update

Don't talk to me about the rain!!! It's been raining for what feels like three weeks now on and off and the building is at a standstill. Yesterday there was a blow up between the manager, the carpenter and the lumber yard about why nothing had been started and they all (men) went off in a huff. I was not there so I can't say who was in the right or the wrong, I fought my urge to be the peace maker and sooth everyone's egos, I just couldn't be bothered what I really wanted was to give them all a good slap!. I spent the night worrying. So this morning the carpenter quit, the manager has gone off for a sulk and I have doors ready for delivery and a huge pile of lumber, lumbering about in the timber yard. I'm glad in a way to clear the air and move on with a new carpenter/builder, nothing worse than trying to work with people when they are harboring a grudge or an issue. I have no preference for who does the job I JUST WANT MY BLOODY ROOM!!
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