Jun 16, 2009

Opshopping fun finds.

Yesterday I went op shopping with a good friend and we went to one of the last great op shops, small, messy and full of you-never-know-what, you know the type....just like they used to be. Although I missed out on 36 vintage dress patterns - yes very depressing - I had a nice time and came home with these lovelies, best buy the plate rack for .50c. Thanks Donna for the fun company and for sharing. It's great to shop with someone who really digs vintage.
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  1. Hey Elizabeth! My - what a long time it has been. I hope you and Eve are well and not so chilly up in Newcastle. We are AOK after an eventful couple of years. Fabric still surrounds us but I doubt know-where near as much as your collection of old! Best wishes with your blog - it's quite fun! - cheers, Vanessa

  2. Haha! Yes - the storage. A major conundrum for us at the moment. Those shots show around 1/3 of it unfortunately - the rest is in bins and popped away for now. Too much to look at and I couldn't focus...so set about folding this lot to attack it bit by bit. It's a great book to me - struck a chord for some reason. It's only a small book, too, so it doesn't take long to read :) If you want to email again, too - we're at vintagefabrics@gmail.com. Can't find your email here - sorry for the blog comment! Cheers - Vanessa