Jun 12, 2009

City Sightseeing

Of course while In the Big Smoke us country folk like to do a bit of sightseeing and so after the Grug big bang we took off to this arty place and I truly could spend all day in the gift shop there but since I was trying to convince BossyGirl she didn't need anything I really didn't think it was fair. On the way there we passed a few things I just had to photograph. If anyone knows what this sandstone graveyard is I'd love to know, for some reason it made me sad. We also passed by a pile of belongings which I assumed were a homeless persons's. On our way back to the Ferry there was a homeless lady hunched over something, I inched closer and found she was......on her laptop! The things you see in the big city. POSTSCRIPT: My lovely friend Donna informed me that this is art, by a Japanese artist and also that this lady is infact homeless, a bit of a fixture at Circular Quay and she was given the laptop. So two mysteries solved. Thanks Donna.
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