Jun 6, 2009

Gifts from the cruise

You know how people always bring you gifts from their trips? Well my parents have been overseas and round the world more times that I think they even remember - lucky hard working ducks - and Mum has brought so many trinkets home for us to gaze at and dream, we need no more. Lucky too, because this time Mum and Dad were so sick during their trip that they didn't even leave the (30day) cruise at the ports. Poor Mum was the worst and there are great chunks of the trip she has no memory of. Imagine being stuck at sea for 30 days and feeling like you just wanted to die? However, on their return leg they stopped off at a luxe hotel and found a little something for us here, in suburbia - travel size bottles from L'Occitane. Well they've been so well received you'd think they were diamonds! We've had little shops and swaps and baths and it's just been the best little gift! So thanks Mum and thanks also to the Shangri-la Hotel chain.

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