Jun 6, 2009

Shopping on-line, New for me

Also just before we walked out the door last Thursday the mail man arrived and we all know how exciting that is, especially when the parcels are roundish and softish and come from the USA! Usually fabric and crafty stuff....true? well not this time but it was something equally as fun - SOCKS! yep all 9 pair of gorgeous cotton rich striped socks from SOCK DREAMS. Their website at first does not look too exciting (I'm not a fan of black backgrounds) but the socks are just lovely, especially my recycled cotton ones from Oregon WA. One pair fit BossyGirl and she's not had them off for three days. Needless to say she's keen to get more. The shipping was high so I reckon share with someone else. Shopping on-line is new to me in a way, I usually only buy stuff I plan to sell. However, my experience lately with Kids clothes being really unattractive for BossyGirl's age (size 8-10) has forced me to the internet. I'm excited by what I find and will be writing more.

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