Jun 1, 2009

Grug Flash Mob Be There or Be Square!

We are excited this week because Friday we are off to Sydney for a special Book Launch which involves a Flash Mob event! I've never been to one of those only read about them so that's going to be grand fun. Meeting up with my good old friend 'The Lovely Donna' who lives and works in Sydney and maybe her adorable ear wiggling boyfriend 'The Lovely Tony', Sooooo Very Excited!! Most touchingly the new release of books are dedicated to our girl, 'The adorable and Bossy Eve' along with Lucy and Dougal, who are also coming along. Hope to have lots of photos and maybe even some fun anecdotes to share next week. If you are reading this and you live in Sydney you should come along, just remember to bring a copy of Grug with you! Meeting at Hide Park Fountain 12pm sharp I believe. Hope you can make it.

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