Jun 14, 2009

Guessing Competition UPDATE $10 858.80 left

Just a quick update on the LONGEST GUESSING COMP FABRIC GIVEAWAY IN BLOG LAND!! yep right here at My Place. The comp is still on, just guess the grand total of my new Studio Addition and win fabric!! On Friday I paid for the first lot of building materials, over the phone, very modern for a timber yard and much appreciated. Cost $2080.00 which leaves a balance of
$10 858.80 and now even I know it's going to go over the $20 000 limit. Luckily I've saved a bit more since this all started. HOWEVER, the guesses so far are from: Angie $21 350.00 Treasuresofold $22 000.00 flyinight $21 890.00 Citrus Daisy $20 750. 00 Your Cheeky Monkey $23 000.00 and Mel $25 000.00 All great appreciated. Thanks for having a go.

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