Jul 1, 2009

Stress Relief -

Today I'm feeling quite stressed, I've absolutely had enough of this house the way it is, stepping over piles of fabric and craft is no way to live. There are three of us here at the moment as Bossy Girl's father is helping with the building, and things are REALLY TIGHT!! Three in the one room makes me frantic to get out. I'm sick of kicking toes, walking into tables and desks and piles of stuff falling and having to be re packed. I need some stress relief (or maybe I need some support - vilene) and one of the best ways for me to unwind is to op shop, since I can't do that right now the next best thing is some vintage fabric ads. So here they are, nice in black and white, I hope they

Stress concentratorImage via Wikipedia

calm you down. If not then try the stress concentrator.
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