Aug 18, 2009

Have you got a life plan!

I have a couple of really old books here, I'm not sure how rare they are and I don't care they are just here till I'm not. Speaking of which, I updated my Will this week, boy was that weird! Listening to the solicitor saying things like 'well when your daughter is 30, we won't be here but the business should be' and making provisions for if I ever had a 'falling out' with BossyGirl - what if I don't like her husband! ??HUH!!! (it's true I probably won't). The solicitor says 'we have to think of these things'. Man that is so weird to think of her as a woman married! It was good for me though, because I'm a person who lives pretty much in the present (and the past) and it's hard for me to look into the future and imagine what things would be like. But once in the early 80s I was told to write a life plan. Which I did. The other day I found and read it, it's a bit spooky because I didn't know I knew myself so well. I didn't have huge aspirations and still don't but I wanted 'firsty to make my parents proud and confident that I'd be ok, to be happy and to have enough money to be comfortable, to own my own home, to travel and to work for myself using my hands or creating mental pictures - writing, and to be in charge'. I wanted to use 'computers, my hands, my mind, researching, making', its clumsily written but it says it all. Although I've achieved all these things I have a new list of goals and I wonder what a review in 20 years will reveal.

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