Aug 2, 2009

A lesson in thinking things through before acting.

Oh Man!! I actually got a sleep-in this morning till 9am, and I needed it. Stayed awake all night worried about the (very expensive) lights for my new room (already purchased). They are so beautiful and I must have them but the ceiling slopes!! Each of those glass crystal discs is hanging on a metal wire, it just won't work on a slope! or will it?? I feel so so silly! (Image from Beacon Lighting)POSTSCRIPT! ok so I decided that I'd keep the lights and today we got them out of the box, each disc is individually wrapped and it was a very delicate maneuver. Not one I'd undertake if they were going back to Beacon. So we held one up and saw how it hangs, and I think it's going to be OK! it's not as dramatic as I had imagined and since they will be facing the door the change in shape will be hardly noticed. Anyway, it's done now!! I just hope I'm right.

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